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Exclusive Gourmet & Souvenirs at Aso Kumamoto Airport


Exclusive Gourmet & Souvenirs at Aso Kumamoto Airport

Kodera Hiroyuki, Yamagashira Noriyuki
Taninaka Takashi

Discover the unique taste of Kumamoto available only here!
Why not give them a try?

Packed with Kumamoto’s “deliciousness,” the Aso Kumamoto Airport offers a selection of special products.
Let us introduce four carefully selected items!

Aso Kumamoto Chocolate Tart / Cheese Tart

Aso Kumamoto Chocolate Tart /
Cheese Tart

Koretsu Kyushu Okinawa
The “Cheese Tart” (top) features a smooth natural cheese blended into a dough with a sweet and sour lemon-flavored jam, then baked to moist perfection. The “Chocolate Tart” (bottom) is richly woven with thick chocolate cream, incorporating chocolate chips into the dough and baked slowly. Both the cheese and chocolate offer a rich aroma and a creamy, intense flavor that exudes elegance. They make perfect gifts for someone special and are new classic souvenirs.

Chocolate Tart: 756 yen (tax included) per box / Cheese Tart: 756 yen (tax included) per box

Aso Kumamoto Raisin Sandwich

Aso Kumamoto Raisin Sandwich

Koretsu Kyushu Okinawa
The “Raisin Sandwich” features a crispy sable cookie and a fragrance of rum. Raisins soaked in rum and elegant sweet white cream are sandwiched between sable cookies. This item is sure to be a hit as a souvenir and is also recommended as a little treat for yourself.

648 yen (tax included) per box

Horse Sashimi Uma Toro Pickled Mustard Greens Roll

Horse Sashimi Uma Toro
Pickled Mustard Greens Roll

Horse Meat Cuisine Suganoya
A menu developed by Suganoya, a long-established horse meat cuisine specialist, for their airport outlet. The “Sakura Uma Toro (Raw Horse Meat with Green Onions)” is 100% horse meat with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, paired with the unique spicy taste of Aso’s famous pickled mustard greens. The rich flavor of horse meat in Uma Toro and the compatibility with horse sashimi soy sauce blend well with the flavors of seaweed and wasabi. A nice touch for dining on the spot is the inclusion of warm “horse soup.”

1,800 yen (tax included)
Takeout available!

Kumamoto Travel Inari Sushi

Kumamoto Travel Inari Sushi

Inari sushi using fried tofu “Nankan Age” from Nankan town in Kumamoto Prefecture. Ingredients such as rapeseed flowers, yuzu pepper, aosa seaweed, Nankan age, red beef, and mixed ingredients from Kumamoto are included. The size is convenient for carrying, making it a great choice to eat on the spot or as a travel companion.

1,620 yen (tax included) per box

About 「pomodoro」……

“pomodoro” is a free magazine that conveys Kumamoto's gourmet and culture with the concept of “For an Even More Delicious Kumamoto.” It is published three times a year and distributed at key transportation hubs and tourist attractions in Kumamoto City.
“pomodoro” means “tomato” in Italian. An editor from Rome has said “Starting with tomatoes, many ingredients in Italian cuisine are common to those found in Kumamoto.” pomodoro’s editors, which include three international staff members, conduct interviews, write articles, and proofread the final work.
This free magazine and its website is published by COAMIX Inc., a manga publisher with a second headquarters in Takamori Town in the Aso region of Kumamoto.